My five generation family tree contains the following surnames: English, Fulton, McCallie, Cassidy, Little, McCulloch, Renshaw, Torbitt, Lindsay, Speirs, Wilkinson, Close, Egan, O'Brien, Dwyer, Ryan, Cosgriff, Power, Gorman, Dermody, Schultz, Sawadzka, Rydzewski, Sliwinska, Thorley, Wallis and Brosnan.

Other surnames further back on my direct paternal line include: Neil, Evans, Cowan, Kenyon, McCartney, Arbuckle, Beveridge, Black and McAvoy.

Other surnames further back on my direct maternal line include: Spencer, Bielicka, Talenska, Griffen, Sullivan and Prendeville.


Surnames on my husband's direct paternal line include: Hurrell, Prestidge, Brunt, Edward, Best, Dunkley, Piper, McKinlay, Cocks, Morris, Cannon, Emery, Cornhill, Holme, Palmer, Lindsell, Bridge and Ely.

Surnames on my husband's direct maternal line include: Jones, Neal, Ede, Whiteside, Hamilton, Stewart, Knight and Alsop.


If any of these names sound familiar to you and you think that we may be connected in some way, I'd love to hear from you so that we can compare notes.


  1. Hi Maria,

    Any idea where "Talenska" originates from?

    1. The Talenska branch of my family is from Poland.